Einstein was Wrong – Physics within the Paradigm of the Sacred Feminine

Maybe you know that before I became a Priestess I began my life as a theoretical physicist. Today I was inspired in a  session with Wendy Leusen of INW to connect this scientific side with my priestess. As I drove home, so much inspiration flowed, feels like I am preparing for a TED talk. At the same time, I am terrified of what I have to say, for it will be overthrowing a lot of things many western intellectuals hold dear.  But I felt the time is now, we are in a shifting paradigm, we need the priestess within this lion’s den of the modern mind, if we want to save the earth and our children we cannot allow any field to stay outside of the lifting of the veils of false images and pretense. And certainly not physics, which has playes such an important role in holding the old paradigm of rationality together. So, here I plunge into dark deep waters.

I will challenge Einstein- but isn’t Einstein the symbol of freeing ourselves from the narrow confines of 19the century and the strict laws of classical physics, which left no space for human imagination? Isn’t Einstein freedom personfied? I will challenge quantum mechanics- at least parts of it.  But isn’t quantum mechanics the favorite of all spiritual intellectuals, leading to free will within a universe that had become too predictable and controlled? Doesn’t quantum mechanics offer some sort of rational support to mysterious levels of connection between observer and observed? Aren’t we all so incredibly happy with relativity theory and quantum mechanics?! Now here comes Klara, me, the theoretical physicist and priestess who says she is going to burn down these lighthouses of the twentieth century- can you see why I’m afraid?  But hey, wait a second. So we’re attached to ‘our’ relativity theory and quantum mechanics. But do they truly offer us what we’re hungry for? Have they shifted us into a world more free, more connected, more whole? Have they made physics accessible to the majority of people?

My claim is I have something better still than relativity theory and then quantum mechanics as you know it. Something that offers more freedom, more connection, more wholeness. A physics where sustainability is inbuilt, and not something to be addes as an afterthought. A physics that feels natural and intuitive to men and women, professionals and laymen alike. A phsyics that can hold us as we journey into the new paradigm of the sacred feminine. I call it: sacred feminine physics.

Before I say what I have to say, let me tell you that my first course at University was relativity theory. And intuitively I knew, something is seriously off here. We are all admiring the new clothes of the Emperor- while actually he is naked. Then, I didn’t have the resources or the guts to listen to my knowing. I shut off my dream, my knowing, my intuition. It created a wound. It led to a burnout, but nobody understood what was the real cause. Everybody thought it was because the big city was too much, I let it all be and continues life with a little less soul, a little less spark. I shut off my deepest knowing about how the universe works. I shut off my deep connection to life and the mystery. I thought I could cope… and yes, while the challenge of getting a masters and then a PhD were still there, I could. But once these were in my pocket, the barrenness stared me in the face. I went to look for that mystery, that knowing, that I had set aside. For my red shoes that I had sacrificed to step in the golden cage of physics, science, and a career. So maybe that makes you understand why I need to speak now.

In search of what I had lost, I started exploring the forces of nature through wild Full Moon rituals, dancing and drumming around a fire. My whole being just yearned for that soulful connection with nature, to feel the forces of nature raging through me like sexual fire, to sense energies and be nourished by them. It led to a path of inner awakening. Not surpisingly, I was always on the lookout for universal principles, like the famous principle: As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above. As I learned  and found my inner resources, the time shifted and the paradigm of the Sacred Feminine started  her come back. So, you see, maybe now the time is ready for my message to be heard. Maybe it is not too late.

Einstein was wrong. Here you have it, straight in your face. I said it now. There is not a single experiment, not a single experiment, that proves relativity theory is right. I know, you can’t believe it. Is this physics, that epithome of nothing-is-true-unless-we-have-scientific-proof? By the time I deliver my TED talk I’ll have all the references ready. There. Is. Not. A. Single. Experiment. Proving. Relativity. Theory.

Once you have recovered from the shock, maybe a differnet voice in you surfaces.  Especially if you’re a woman. A voice that softly says; ‘I knew it. I knew it all along.’ But the system made you think you were stupid and that you had no right to assume you had anything to add. We were all admiring the new clothes of the Emperor, and my, weren’t they shiny, speaking of a freedom, a triumph of the mind, the summit of man’s mastership over nature, freeing himself from the yoke of classical physics and the tedious suffocating narrowmindedness of 19th century? The truth is, we were so HOPING Einstein was right, we didn’t need proof. We were too excited, too elated, it fit too well in the era of the turn of the century. So who would dare to say that the emperor was naked? The queen of science, physics, had allowed herself to be fooled, and who would be ready to speak that?

It took me nearly 40 years. And don’t worry, I won’t send you back to the cage of determinism and classical physics. I will introduce you to a physics that is natural, intuitive, and who knows, it might be true. I haven’t been able to prove it yet, but I do have suggestions for experiments that might prove it and that don’t need millions or billions of dollars. It speaks not only of freedom, but of the greater freedom that is born from surrender. It speaks of mutual interactions between all parts of the system, as nothing is ever totally separated from anything else. It speaks of soul and heart and connection and yes, it includes classical physics. It is an expansion of that theory.

Classical physics describes only a small portion of what we see happening around us. I know, another shock here. You’ve always been told classical physics is valid for the world we know, and only when we go to speeds close to the velocity of light, or to particles so small as electrons and protons, only then do we need to expand on classical physics. Bullshit. Sorry, I don’t use words like that easily, but this is really the greatest lie you have ever been told, greater than that of Santa Claus. And what’s more, anyone who has folowed a few years of physics at university or college can tell you. Think of a pendulum, that all favorite example of physics. A pendulum is like a little ball on a long string, like in the old fahioned standing clocks. Classical mechanics is only true when the movement away from centre is small. Remember when you were swining as a kid? A swing is a pendulum. Classcial mechanics speaks only about that dull part, where you stay close to centre. It has very little to say about that part where it gets exciting, where you feel yourself freefalling, and the eyes of your mother would start getting really worried. Physicists call this part ‘nonlinear mechanics’, and in truth, they have no real understanding of it, no holding of what is actually happening here. I know because nonlinear dynamics was part of my PhD. I don’t think my TED talk will have the space to explain all this, maybe a book will have to follow.

But what I want you to get, is that when we get to the edge of a system, when we don’t play it safe, classical mechanics doesn’t really hold. Think of a tennisplayer. When you play like those gentlemen at the end of the nineteenth century did, who by the way invented both tennis and quantum mechanics, tennis is slow and polite and the ball makes nice predictable curves. But nowadays, the sport has totally changed, the rackets are made of newer materials, spin has not become a little effect but the core of the game, and the balls fly at lightning speed over the court. When you play this way, or even when you watch it on tv, you feel your adrenaline pumping. You feel you are watching people pushing it to the edge. And whenever that is happening, quantum mechanics comes into effect.

This is a wider quantum mechanics, one that follows the foundation as described so powerfully by Dirac, but that will not the narrow model of quantum mechanics that most physicists have today.

I offer you a physics that is very intuitive to anyone who has made the journey from mind to beingness. A physics that holds our modern world where we all operate close to our edge 90% of the time, whether in sports, at the office or juggling roles at home. The feminine paradigm that has always been there and is finally finding root on bigger scale, speaks of a spirituality rooted in the body, in connection, in mutuality and in a wisdom that works in your day to day life. Thirty years ago, no one believed that a spirituality like that could overthrow the elegance of Buddhism, the power of Christianity, the luring of Hinduism. It did. Managers, politicians, secretaries, everyone is using principles of the embodied spirituality of the sacred feminine.

Within this setting, I tell you, less than thirty years from now the paradigm of sacred feminine physics will have replaced the paradigm of classical physics. Wonders are then not relegated to tiny particles and physicists labs, they bare again part of our daily life. Not only will the observer of high energetic collision programs at CERN influence his outcomes, mutual interaction will be at the core of how we see and hold life, ourselves and each other. Sutainability is not a dime thrown in after the work is finished, it is built in in the metaphors we use to understand life happening around us.

So, let me know how this touches you, and if you would vote for my TED talk. I will need much inspiration and support as I find ways to bring those notes and insights of mine to the world. If you have ideas on how to support me, let me know. Einstein was wrong. Quantum Mechanics is even more true than we ever dreamed. Let’s make the world whole again.

Dr. Klara Adalena, priestess and theoretical physicist