What quantum physics has to say about mindful living

What quantum physics has to say about mindful living

Klara adalena 13 dec 2015

When starting to live more mindfully, you feel a whole new universe opening, more magical and exciting. This article will show you  this is not just your personal experience, it is fact and can be explained by having left Newtonian physics and entered the domain of quantum physics. It also helps you understand how you can move in this new world that you created for yourself.

This article is part of my ongoing enquiry into how I can integrate my inner physicist and my priestess. I am excityed yet also daunted. How do I give physics back to the people? How do I make everyone see that quantum physics doesn’t prove anything, it only mirrors the assumptions that went into it? How do i convey that the assumptions that went into quantum physics are actually highly mystical principles, and that physics and mysticism are intertwined right from the roots? On the other hand, how do i support everyone on a spiritual path to live, love and work with more joy through understanding that you left the newtonian realm and that all ‘straightforward’ thinking is not valid anymore, and what you need to replace it with and what that will magtter for your life? This article today is an attempt to begin to address the last question.

About 100 years ago white European upperclass males where struggling with new erratic behavior as they were seeing when measuring the then recently ‘discovered’ small particles like electrons. The outcomes of experiments were no longer fixed, and the observer had an effect on the outcome. Shocking as this was to these men at that time, now we would see this as an opportunity: a road to leave the standard path and create magic and wonder. I mean, aren’t we all kind of done with the Newtonian paradigm, where everything is fixed until well beyond eternity? Aren’t we all looking for ways to move beyond protocols and regulations and actually meet each other, I mean actually touch on each others lives?

Strictly speaking, you were never bound by Newtonian physics, because no one ever checked whether the assumptions that went into it also held for your life. But wouldn’t it be lovely if you could understand better when it is likely for Newtonian physics to hold and when not? Read on, the answers are coming.

While most men at the beginning of quantum physics were looking from within their models, and being pretty confused, Paul Dirac quite on his own took a much more fundamental approach. He said: ‘well, if weird things start happening in our measurements, maybe it is because the act of measuring is important. And can I understand why the act of measuring would be more important for the electrons than for the other situations?’ As it goes in science- and in life- when you start asking new questions, new realms start showing themselves. So it was here. From having asked this question, Paul Dirac then started to realize that what it actually meant to measure, and what it meant that he was now dealing with small particles. Dirac formulated the basic principle on which all of quantum physics has been built- but which is seldomly quoted or enquired into. It is to be found in chapter 1 of his classical book :

‘at this stage it is important to remember that science is concerned only with observable things and that we can observe an object only by letting it interact with some outside influence. An act of observation is thus necessarily accompanied by some disturbance of the object observed. We may define an object to be big when the disturbance accompanying our observation of it may be neglected, and small when the disturbance cannot be neglected.’

I really love this quote, for it has us look again at things we take for granted- and thereby helps us to see new things. Let’s look at the first sentence: ‘we can only observe an object by letting it interact with some outside influence’. We usually think of ‘observing’ as ‘seeing’, in which case the object would have to reflect light- an interaction. ’Observing’ could  also be ‘hearing’, in which case the object would have to move through air (or similar), which would mean interaction with all the air molecules. ’observing’ could mean leaving an imprint on a piece of paper or a wall, in which case the speed would drastically change due to the collision, and so on. So yes, whenever we observe there is interaction!


Now something very interesting happens here. Because, in most cases the disturbances can be neglected. But when the object is very small, we start having an effect on it. Now this turns out to be the essential thing whether Newtonian physics holds or not: when the effect of the interaction involved in observing is noticeable, we have to leave Newtonian physics.

But now it becomes even more interesting when we take a better look at the second part of the quote. For this tells us about how we decide whether we are in a situation typified by interactions or by non interaction: this depends on whether the effects caused by our observation/ interaction are to be neglected. Neglected by whom? Well, by the observer of course, Note this is an implicit assumption, but let’s stick with it for now. This means that it is all about the willingness of the observer to be mindful of what effect he or she has on the ‘object’. Also, this means that there is an inbuilt reciprocity: the object is influenced by the observer and the observer is influenced by the object. So both become observer and object at the same time, and we could better speak of interactions than of observations.



Now this is really hot, for it means that in all situations where there is mutual interaction, we know for sure that Newtonian reasoning will not hold. That is quite awesome!

When you have shifted in your company from top down to horizontal communication, you know for sure that the old fashioned protocol approach, linked to obtaining predictable repeatable results, will NOT work- for that’s based on Newtonian reasoning and that is provenly NOT applicable

When you have shifted in your child rearing to giving your child a voice, you know that no fixed method will ascertain how your child turns out- for that is rooted in Newtonian cause and effect thinking, and that does NOT hold

When you are running a small ambitious company and you want a more than predictable fast startup, then include mutual interaction- it will change the game. Also learn about quantum physics, it will help your mind to start understanding what is happening and will support you to make the right choices.

Quantum physics is not just about photons and electrons, it is about a life where interactions happen, where interactions matter, where we are mindful of every detail, knowing that small things can give us big information, and where we acknowledge that we might not be able to really know what is going on inside the other.

One of the new things to take into account in quantum situations, is that the sequence of things matters a great deal. How actions of several people link in to each other, can have a huge impact on a situation, much much bigger than we could ever think possible in Newtonian reasoning. That opens the door to wonders and magic. Mathematically, this is related to the fact that commutativity does not hold in quantum physics. I will go into this in more detail in another section.

A second thing, is that in quantum physics there is not a continuum of equilibria, there are only a few quantum states. This implies that if you try to change a system, in classical thinking it might seem quite impossible as no matter what you did, it had no result- but when you start applying quantum thinking to the same situation, you suddenly see how with relatively small effort you can shift the system to a whole new equilibrium.

A third big thing to take into account, is that in quantum physics every ‘object’- read ‘person’, or ‘company’, or …- has an ‘inner state’ that we as outsider can never know, but that will link in to our interactions with them in unforeseen ways. The more mindful we become of what our interactions have for effect on others, the further we leave the Newtonian area, and the more amazing and beyond-all-expectations results we can create. Shifts from one mode of operation to a whole different mode become possible.

This is what I use as a High Priestess in my rituals. Because I let go of regular thinking, because I attune to a different reality, because I take serious that interactions have great effects and that sequence matters, I can create situations that are very extraordinary and magical. I can create great energy which will lead to strong catharsis, participants will feel lifted out of their cage of what their mind tells them is reality, and they will as if wonders are happening. I could not create this if I had a fixed program or a protocol. Because that is based on the assumption that the interaction is just a detail. That the main line will continue and the interactions happen around that. That would be Newtonian thinking. When we start to take serious that interactions really happen and matter, then we need to rethink everything. We need to pay attention to all the interactions and which effect they have, to get as much information as we can on the inner states. We recognize that each outcome of the same ritual will be very different, we open ourselves to that. And then we pay great attention to timing, to sequence. Through that, we can build up a very strong energy field, in which transformation and healing happens.

Another example which may seem very different but actually is very similar, is that of a small organization at the frontier of developments. Think of the whiz kids starting ecommerce. They need to pay great attention to how the market reacts, they need to pay great attention to how they react to each other, and then if they get the sequence and timing of things right, small wonder can start happening. Explosive growth can come that would be unthinkable in any classical model. If they would stick to old fashioned management ideas, they would be off before long.

In conclusion, when you start to live more mindfully, and start noticing the effect of your actions on others, in an awareness that you can never completely know the other, you know for sure that old-fashioned linear causal thinking does not apply anymore. Magic and miracles become possible, enabling quantum shifts in how your company functions and you  work, love and live. The higher your energy, the more free you are to move to a new equilibrium.

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