Waves, Particles and the Wetsuitman

After my coming out yesterday with my view on physics within the paradigm of the Sacred Feminine, I had a restless feverish night. Fear mingled with eagerness. Why can’t I just do the work I love, priestessing? Why go and stick me neck out on a trail that might lead nowhere? Finally I realized it is in honor of the young woman I have been, and the wisdom she holds. She cut herself off from her intuition when she shut up her truth, and I write to heal that wound and free that soul.

Have you been reading this summer about the Wetsuitman? An wetsuit was found on the Dutch coast with remains of a dead body. The wetsuit was soon traced to come from Calais. But nobody had any clue who had been in that wetsuit and what had happened. Later that summer a second wetsuit was found in Norway, with bones sticking out of it. It was traced to come from the same shop, bought at the same time by the same customer. There were many things that fascinated me about the story, and one of them was that the policeman in charge warned they shouldn’t talk about the missing one as ‘the diver’. That would turn the minds of everyone involved in a certain direction, meaning they might miss important clues. Indeed, in the end it turned out there had been no diver but a refugee, but why is this relevant to physics?

Well, if you have read anything about quantum mechanics, you are sure to have come across the famous wave particle duality in one way or another. Physcists are racking their brains trying to imagine what electrons and photons look like, and the eveen smaller particles, and the point is, they are thinking in terms of waves and particles. Interestingly enough, every experiment that throws light upon this (pun intended), shows that these assumptions do not hold. When you think in terms of waves and particles, nature makes no sense. Now these phsyicists should talk to that wise policeman. What would happen if they too were humble, bowed their head and realized that thinking in terms of waves and particles is obviously leading to confusion, and they should let go of these images, open to what nature is trying to tell us? Like in the case of the wetsuitman, whole new possibilities might come into view.

Even though on the outside most physicists reel atb the idea, actually when you search around on the internet you find many many who are doing things like this. Quantum mechanics as it stands now isn’t as widely accepted as he physical community would like us to think. Sure, they use the ususal tactics of making the others look stupid, silly, not scientific, and simply not worth listening to. Sounds familiar?

In banking some smart guys have thrown the world in a huge crisis because they developed instruments that nobody understood- and we let that happen. We have seen what it has cost us. In physics, the same is happening. Classical physics is the ground for our old paradigm of rationalism, and it is close to ruining the world. BUT, we let the incredible responsibility of researching into the limitations of this model up to a small handfull of people who are not able to tell us aboyut what they’re finding in a way that the general people can understand. Again, we accept it. of course they should be held responsible and be able to tell about it in ways we can understand. But we have led ourselves to believe that it is simply too complicate for a layman. Sounds familiar?

So I am braving the load of being made rediculous and more, I eam it was 30 years ago i was in physics, I am a woman and my god, I am proflie myself as a priestess, who would have to take her seriously? Well, I for one have to take msyelf seriously.

No one has ever seen a particle or a wave, in the sense as they are used in physics. They are abstractions. For many situations, these abstractions are useful. Like it’s useful to think of someone as a diver when she is actively engaged in the diving sport. But when life is showing us that these abstractions are no longer making sense, we should be ready to let go of them and open ourselves to the unknown. That’s where a shift to a more encompassive paradigm becomes possible. Thinking about wave and particles in quantum mechanics is like squeezing a grown up woman in a girl’s bodysuit. It just will never fit, no matter where you start.

Think of a tree. From a distance, like on the Google Earth pictures, they look like round balls. A phycisist would decribe that as a particle. But when you stand next to the tree, it doesn’t look like a particle at all. It has a nice strong trunk, sometimes straighta nd sometimes gnarly and often both. It has roots underground that we sense but usually only get little hints of- until the tree is blown over. It has branches and twigs and leaves and lost of space in between. When the wind blows in the leaves, we can see movement rippling through the leaves- like a wave. So when you’re standing next to the tree, you find that the concepts particle and wave are not really helpful to understand the tree and ghet a connection with it. It is missing out on a lot that is essential about the tree.

So- take a breath- it isn’t only in quantum mechanics that the concepts of waves and particles are pretty useless. It is in many many situations in our daily lives. Yes, there are situations when it is useful to think of waves or particles. For instance, when you’re sailing the North Sea, or making wave forecasts for the sailors. When you are playing billiards, that favorite game of physicists- at least, on paper, for most ahve never played. Interestingly enough, when you’re making traffic jam forecasts like we are now doing using satellite images, we don’t think of cars as particles, though you might be tempted to think that for on a still standing picture from the satliites they would like like squarish billiard balls. But then phycisists see cars as molecules in a fluid and they use wave theory and fluid mechanics to predict jams! So, in practice, even phycisist are very aware that the concepts of waves, particles and fluids are not absolute, and depending on the situation you use the model that helps you further.

Then why oh why are there all those millions of books on the wave and particle duality and hinting that we have run up against some very queer behavious of nature- instead of owning that we are using the wrong model, the wrong metaphors? The typical question when we are entering the end of a paradigm…

One man in history, already nearly a century ago, had the guts to do this. Paul Dirac, one of the founders of quantum physics. He actively warned over and over that we shouldn’t be trying to visualize these small whatevers, because that would lead us astray. He developed a powerful theory which makes no reference whatsoever to waves or particles. His theory proved very effective, in the sense it explained and predicted much of what baffled other scientists. People took over his outcomes, but didn’t listen to his warnings. I think this is where the search for a new paradigm has gone astray, and this is where I picked it up a few years ago. I was totally surprised by what I found, for it showed my life journey of becoming a priestess after leaving physics had actually prepared me to connect deeper to what Dirac wrote and to show how this leads to a new physics within the paradigm we are now heading for, the paradigm of the Sacred Feminine. It will give us all ways to understand quantum mechanics and not to leave the interpretations to a few ‘experts’. And it will show us how quantum mechanics is actually not only about tiny ‘particles’ and photons, it is about any system that is moving towards its edge- like car racing at break neck speed. Like the human race starting to fill up the whole earth. The two men in wetsuits died a sad death looking for a new life. Let us learn from them to let go of assumptions that seem so logical. Let’s follow Dirac and let go of the standard assumptions of physics and look anew at nature.


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