Snake Folding Back upon Self

Allow yourself to let your awareness turn towards the quality in your connection. Sense this time how the other is present to you. You have come to that level of presence where it’s about that. This is what will now deepen your interactions to the quality, intimacy, creativity and FUN you search. Passion starts entering your days- and nights. It happens as you sense the other sensing you. There’s this quality of the snake turning back upon itself, doubling the stakes. The time to start is now. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the connection with Gaia. It’s happening right here, right now. Today’s 7 Min Medi sets you going.


Leet je bewustzijn zich wenden naar de kwaliteit die in je verbinding is. Ervaar deze keer hoe de ander aanwezig is met jou. Je hebt d

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